Mountain stations, Villages, Huts & Lodges

STF Saltoluokta Fjällstation

To some it’s like coming home, to others it’s new and exciting. STF Saltoluokta Mountain Station is located where there are no roads, by the Laponia World Heritage, and it’s easily accessible right on the King’s Trail. The mountain lodge consists of a main building and four guest houses with a total of nearly 100 beds. The timbered main building has retained its old charm with open fireplaces, kerosene lamps and candles in the restaurant.

Kvikkjokk Fjällstation

Accommodation with hostel standard, stay in a private room or share a room with others. A restaurant at the mountain station provides guests with tasty food. You can also have a warm or cold drink in the comfortable lobby after a day of hiking or skiing.

Kvikkjokk Fjällstation

Stákkonjárgga Mountain Lodge

The lodge offer self-catering accommodation in an alpine environment with good fishing, small-game hunting and skiing. They also provide recreational opportunities in amazing surroundings, berry picking, hiking and skiing in pristine mountain forest (Ultevis mountain forest). The cabins are located along ‘the Road West’ towards Ritsem. You reach the cabins either by boat or snowmobile. If you come here to hike, pick berries or enjoy other activities not involving boats or snowmobiles transportation will be arranged across the lake.

Stákkonjárgga Mountain Lodge

Pietsjaure Sijdda

In Pietsaure you can rent accommodation in summer as well as in winter. You can choose to stay in cabins or go traditional in peat dwellings or Sámi tents. There are several different kinds and sizes of cabins depending on the number of people and what type of accommodation you are looking for. All the cabins are equipped for self-catering during the winter months.

Kutjaure Västända

Ideal accommodation for hikers along the Padjelanta Trail in cabins run by the Utsi family. Two fully equipped 4-bed cabins, there is no electricity but you can cook your food using gas or firewood. Bed linen and a sauna available for rent.

Phone number:
+46 73 808 54 85

STF Mountain Huts – Padjelanta Trail and King’s Trail

STF Mountain Cabins are located at scenic spots 10-20 km from well-marked summer and winter trails. You will live a simple but cosy life in a mountain cabin. You’re greeted by the cabin’s warmth and share space and experiences with other guests.

Mountain Huts Badjelánnda Laponia Tourism – the Padjelanta Trail

We hope you will enjoy the hike you have planned in the ancient but still vibrant cultural landscape. The holiday camps in Badjelánnda/Padjelanta National Park are run by members of the Sámi villages Tuorpon, Jåhkågasska and Sirges.

Kabla jakt och fiske

Basic accommodation close to nature on the Kabla Mountain near Kvikkjokk, south of Lake Tjakjajaure. Self-catering, no running water, outdoor toilet, firewood available as well as gas stove and gas lamps. You hike, ski or snowmobile here, or take a helicopter in summer. Suitable starting points are Seitevare, Tjåmotis, Njavve, Årrenjarka or Kvikkjokk.

Phone number:
+46 70 346 44 17

Tjåki Sameviste

Accommodation in a traditional Sámi tent with no running water. A good option for hikers on the King’s Trail. Full board and day trips with guide and boat can be arranged. Located by Lake Sitojaure, on Sarek’s eastern boarder, accessible by hiking or skiing. Take the E45 north for around 6 km, then turn left onto road 805. Take a right at Tjåmotis and drive to the Sito River Bridge, then hike for 23 km. can also reach it via the King’s Trail between Aktse and Saltoluokta.

Phone number:
+46 70 395 61 46