Get a taste of Jokkmokk

What does Jokkmokk taste like? Ask us, we know! It is not for nothing we got nominated to Sweden’s food capital year 2014.  In Jokkmokk we are spoiled with high quality products from the mountains and the forest, and we have great knowledge of how to process and cook them. Jokkmokkskorv – falukorvens (a type of Swedish sausage) is a must try when you are in Jokkmokk, among the other products the company Jokkmokkskorv offers.

Many products in Jokkmokk are from the beginning from the Sámi culture. Dried reindeer meat is a must when you are up in the mountains. Souvas is smoked reindeer meat and really a true Sámi slow food, produced in small amounts in a traditional way. Pickled raw or smoked brook trout is a delicacy, eat it with the Sámi bread Gáhkku, perfect to pack in the backpack.