Local food producers

Sàpmi Ren och Vilt AB

They process reindeer meat in Jokkmokk. They also sell moose, fish and berry products. They have a shop in Jokkmokk that you can visit and buy local products from the surrounding area.

Address: Hantverkargatan 71, 962 33 Jokkmokk, Sverige

Sàpmi Ren och Vilt AB Foto Therese Rydström


They process berries in small amount and with high quality. They are classified as food craftsmanship. The berries are processed in small batches, carefully selected from Jokkmokks surrounding area and with as little other products added to the batch as possible.

You can buy the products at Hotel Akerlund and Ica Supermarket in Jokkmokk.


Essense of Lapland

Eva Gunnare takes local products and process them. She takes the unique flavours of Lapland’s nature and uses old and new methods to create new flavour sensations and products. Eva also hold flavour performances and lectures about flavours.

Eva sells her products from her house in Lappstan in Jokkmokk – Sirkasgatan 4, 962 31 JOKKMOKK.

Arctic Circle products

Arctic Circle products and Gårdsmejeriet in Skabram creates genuine food craftsmanship from the base. They produce cheese, yoghurt and cream cheese.

You can buy their products at Ica Supermarket, Coop Konsum and Hantverksbutiken in Jokkmokk.

Utsi Ren

They have most of the traditional cuts and varieties of reindeer meat. Flavourful, organic and natural meat from Porjus in Jokkmokk municipality.

Has an online shop.

Utsi Ren

Viddernas vilda

The company works to preserve old Sámi culture food knowledge that has started to fade from the modern food scene. They gather and process wild herbs from Jokkmokk and make new products from them. They only pick wild herbs because the herbs has picked the perfect spot to grow and get the nutrition they need.

Föreningsgatan 2B, 962 32 Jokkmokk, Sverige

Viddernas vilda

Jokkmokks korv & rökeri

They produce high quality sausage and ham in Jokkmokk. Jokkmokks korv is famous for their products and sees it as a craftsmanship where they don’t put their trust into machines. They create their products with care. They always work on improving their methods, ingredients and how they treat their products to improve the result. It’s the small details that counts.

You can buy their products at Ica Supermarket and Coop Konsum in Jokkmokk.