Places to eat at in other parts of Jokkmokk municipality

Kvikkjokk Fjällstation

In the restaurant they serve a three course dinner in the evenings during the summer season and a drink menu specially picked to suit the food menu. They also have an á la carte menu to choose from. The products are mostly local and they have wine, beer and snaps.

They also serve lunch such as hamburgers, pies, sandwiches, cookies and cake. They serve coffee all day. You can also choose to just drink a cold beer.

During the winter season they offer an á la carte menu and in the afternoon they have hamburgers and a café. The bar opens in the afternoon.

Both summer and winter they offer a breakfast buffet.

Phone number: +46 971 210 22
Address: Storvägen 21, Kvikkjokk, 120 km from Jokkmokk.

Kvikkjokk Fjällstation

Saltoluokta fjällstation

In the restaurant you can eat breakfast, lunch and three course dinners. You can also buy lunch to take with you on your hike, you prepare it yourself during breakfast. They recommend that you book your meals in advance.

Phone number: +46 973 410 10
Address: Saltoluokta Fjällstation, 130 km from Jokkmokk

STF Saltoluokta Fjällstation

Restaurang Njarka

Reindeer, moose, brook trout, white fish, potatoes, cloudberries, blueberries and lingonberries – Does that sound tempting? Here by the edge of the mountain we are used to delicious and genuine Sámi food tradition. To the great products the kitchen adds modern food knowledge, fantasy and we dare to promise food sensations with pleasure for both the eyes and the taste. The also serve wine and beer.

An important part of the meals is the calm atmosphere, both in the restaurant and the Lapp cot with the open fire. The view over the mountains is an added bonus.

Opening hours:
Cake and coffee when the reception is open.
Booking for dinners.

Phone number: +46 971 230 18
Address: Årrenjarka 214, 962 02 Kvikkjokk

Årrenjarka Mountain Lodge

Langas Camp – Björkudden

To small and large groups they can offer a menu of venison and fish in the restaurant. They use their own products caught in the mountains, forest and lakes. Booking is required.

Phone number: +46 973 410 16, +46 973 410 27
Address: Björkudden, 120 km from Jokkmokk