Places to eat at in central Jokkmokk

Hotel Akerlund Restaurang

Restaurant Akerlund serves Swedish home cooked food made from local products such as reindeer and fish. They cook food with inspiration from North Sweden’s food traditions and culture. The restaurant can take 200 guests.

Lunch is served Monday-Friday 10.30 am – 1.30 pm, on other times the restaurant can be booked, contact Hotel Akerlund for more information. In the summer the restaurant arrange dinners with a special theme on Wednesdays, more information in posted on their webpage.

Phone number: +46 971 100 12
Address: Herrevägen 1, Jokkmokk

Café Gasskas

A combination of food, music and a cosy environment has been developed by open minds and many common interests. Based on local products Café Gasskas serve an interesting and exclusive menu with venison, fish, berries and herbs in the spotlight. They offer good wines, selected beers, creative drinks, ice cream and coffee roasted in north Sweden. Gasskas is a well-established music scene with live music.

Café Gasskas is only opened on selected days and times, for more information, visit their website.

Phone number: +46 70 365 97 48
Address: Porjusvägen 7, Jokkmokk

Café Gasskas

Viddernas Café och Deli

In this small and friendly café they serve home baked cakes and lunch. They gather wild herbs north of the Arctic Circle that they process and use in their café and restaurant business. For those interested in knowing more they arrange classes in herb knowledge.

Phone number: +46 70 262 31 21, +46 70 380 81 62
Address: Berggatan 9, Jokkmokk


Cosy pastry shop in central Jokkmokk. Serves cakes, cookies, sandwiches and hot and cold drinks.

Phone number: +46 971 106 50
Address: Storgatan 28, Jokkmokk


Buffé Trädet

Small local restaurant by the park in Jokkmokk next to the tourist information. The restaurant focus on healthy living habits and local products. A friendly homely environment with the food in focus.

Phone number: +46 73 846 78 91
Address: Västra Torggatan 12, Jokkmokk

Buffé Trädet

Polcirkeln café

A café located right on top of the Arctic Circle. They sell cake, coffee and Arctic Circle souvenirs.

Only opened in the summer.

Address: E 45 Jokkmokk in the direction of Gällivare.

Polcirkeln Café

Pizzeria Lilla Paradiset

American, Italian, special, calzone and children’s pizza for the little ones. The restaurant also serve salad made of carefully selected products, always served with a small salad on the side, bread and butter. In the á la carte menu you will find classic Swedish home cooked food such as Swedish hash with eggs and pickled beets, minute steak, reindeer and more global dishes like lasagne. The restaurant serves beer and wine.

Phone number: +46 971 129 00
Address: Storgatan 28, Jokkmokk

Hotel Jokkmokk restaurang

The restaurant is right next to the lake Talvatis with a beautiful view over the lake. The restaurant can house 200 guests in a calm environment inspired by nature. The dining room is decorated with taxidermy animals, paintings and handicraft by artists like Lars Pirak, Cai Poulden and more. While you are there get a drink at Jokkmokks Jokkes bar.

Phone number: +46 73 846 78 91
Address: Västra Torggatan 12, Jokkmokk

Restaurang Ájtte

During the week days they serve a lunch buffé. Sometimes with two main dishes, soup of the week and salad of the week. There are a lot of options that are allergy friendly. Each day they serve Gáhkko, Sámi bread, that you can also order in advance to take home. In their á la carte menu they have reindeer in focus but you can also find other local goodies, like brook trout and rock ptarmigan.

Lunch is served between 10.30 am – 1.30 pm, Monday to Friday. Á la carte is only for pre booked groups.

Phone number: +46 73 083 91 81, +46 971 170 91
Address: Kyrkogatan 3, Jokkmokk

Restaurang Ga-la-mair

Restaurant with focus on Thai food in central Jokkmokk. Good food and a friendly atmosphere. Lunch buffet and dinner serving.

Opening hours:
10.30 am to 9.00 pm.

Phone number: +46 971 104 00
Address: Porjusvägen 4, Jokkmokk

Restaurang Kowloon

Restaurant with Chinese food and pizza. They serve beer and wine.

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Friday 11am to 9pm.
Saturday 1pm to 9pm.
Sunday 1pm to 8pm.

Phone number: +46 971 100 85
Address: Föreningsgatan 3, Jokkmokk

Restaurang Smedjan

Restaurant with Persian food, á la carte, salad, BBQ menu and pies. Serve beer and wine.

Opening hour:
10am to 8pm every day.

Phone number: +46 971 123 40
Address: Föreningsgatan 11, Jokkmokk

Restaurang Opera

This restaurant serves pizza, home cooked, salad, kebab and á la carte. They serve beer and wine. On special occasions they have the pub open late with live music and dancing.

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 10.00am to 9.00pm
Saturday-Sunday 11.00am to 9.00pm
Different hours for events.

Phone number: +46 971 105 05
Address: Storgatan 36, Jokkmokk


A street food stand that sell hamburgers, hotdogs and locally produced sausage burgers. Mash and fires on the side. In the summer they sell ice cream.

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 10.00am to 9.00pm.
Saturday-Sunday 11.00am to 9.00pm

Phone number: +46 971 105 00
Address: Borgarplatsen 1, Jokkmokk

Pizzeria Notudden

Restaurant with a view over the Lule River. During the summers they arrange events with troubadour, beer and wine. They serve pizza, salad and a BBQ menu. In the evening they serve á la carte with local products.

Phone number: +46 971 102 50
Address: Notudden, 3 km from Jokkmokk