Jokkmokk municipality has several ski resorts, the biggest one is Kåbdalis Skidliftar. They get snow early in the year and that makes it attractive to professional skiers from all over Europe.  Besides Kåbdalis Skidliftar there are family friendly ski slopes in Porjus and Vuollerim.

Kåbdalis Skidliftar also got cross country ski tracks and so does a lot of places in Jokkmokk municipality. If you want to try out guided cross country ski tours in the national parks, Jokkmokk has companies that offer great longer tours with sleepovers.

If you want to watch rather than ski yourself, Jokkmokk has the world’s longest cross country ski race, Redbull Nordenskiöldloppet. Next race is March 24 2018.