Jokkmokk inspires

Jokkmokk has a Sámi heritage we are proud of and like to show visitors. The Àjtte museum tells the story about the Sámi culture throughout history. Stores like Stoorstålka and Systrarna Viltok designs modern products inspired by Sámi culture. Every year since 1606 Jokkmokk’s winter market has been celebrated the first Thursday in February.

One of the reasons we have the Sámi culture heritage and still have the Sámi culture, is the arctic nature. Jokkmokk’s nature is breath taking. Places like the Rapa valley and the Pearl River shows off the best of arctic nature. For the person who wants to hike in the mountains, Jokkmokks Municipality is a must to visit. For the more experienced trekker Sarek national park will create a memory for life and for the new hiker Kvikkjokk and Saltoluokta will offer spectacular views.

Jokkmokk’s nature and the Sámi culture creates locally produced products, both from the Sámi culture and Swedish culture. In Jokkmokk you can buy dried reindeer meat, berry products and herbs, made from what Jokkmokk’s nature has to offer.

Jokkmokk is the destination for the travel that wants something special and real.