Just a few kilometres outside the centre of Jokkmokk you’ll find this lovely cottage for those who want something a little extra. Enjoy the view of the Lilla Lule River and the sauna, or rent a hot tub. Near the pool at Arctic Camp Jokkmokk. To book this cottage, or the other VIP cottages at Arctic Camp Jokkmokk, read more here.


Hotel Akerlund
A small hotel with intimate feel and charm. Located in the middle of Jokkmokk, near restaurants, shops and attractions. The hotel offers a cultural scene and arranges many events throughout the year.
Herrevägen 1, Jokkmokk
+46 971 100 12

Hotel Jokkmokk
beautifully located hotel by Lake Talvatis in Jokkmokk. The hotel has conference facilities as well as internet access and a relaxation area with sauna. Rooms available for those travelling with pets as well as guests with limited mobility. Right next door you’ll find illuminated skiing tracks and ski equipment is available for rent at the hotel.
Solgatan 45, Jokkmokk
+46 971 777 00

Hotel Vuollerim Inn
A smaller hotel with great views of the water. No two rooms are alike. The rooms are uniquely decorated twin rooms that can be rented as singles or doubles. The rooms all have TV and wireless internet. WC in all rooms, shared showers in the corridor. There’s a fully licensed restaurant and sauna. Located in Vuollerim, 45 km from Jokkmokk along Route 97 towards Luleå.
Bodenvägen 7, Vuollerim
+46 976 106 60


Jokkmokksevent och Vandrarhem
This homely hostel was originally built as a forest-officer villa nearly 100 years ago. Stay in the middle of Jokkmokk with walking distance to shops, attractions, tourist information and bus stops. The Inland Railway Line stops for boarding and alighting a mere 500 metres from the hostel.
Åsgatan 20, Jokkmokk
+46 70 366 46 45

Murjeks Vandrarhem
Perfect accommodation for travellers waiting for the train or bus, adjacent to the main line. Self-catering, shower, WC, sauna, breakfast and a café. Cash only. Located in the village Murjek, 60 km east of Jokkmokk. Follow Route 97 towards Luleå/Boden, turn off towards Vuollerim and follow signs to Murjek.
+46 976 200 97, +46 70 611 00 97

Arctic Colors Apartments
Apartments and rooms with a view of Stora Lule River. The reception is housed in the railway station. Free wifi. Located in Porjus village, 46 km north of Jokkmokk along the E45.
The Station House, Porjus
+46 973 103 06

Kåbdalis Bed & Breakfast
An affordable and cosy accommodation just along the E45 in Kåbdalis, 60 km south of Jokkmokk. Close to ski slopes, cross country skiing trails and fishing lakes.
Kåbdalis 302
+46 70-578 71 96

Arctic Night Lodge
A smaller accommodation with high comfort in the village Porjus, 46 km north of Jokkmokk along the E45. 6 single bedrooms with bed, closet, desk, TV and Wi-Fi. Shared living room with TV and couch group, fully equipped self-catering kitchen. 2 bathrooms with WC and shower, sauna, as well as washing and drying facilities. Bedlinen, towel, dinner or lunch, and parking place with engine warmed are included.
Vintervägen 12, Porjus
+46 76-831 66 99


Arctic Camp Jokkmokk
4-star family camping in beautiful surroundings by Lilla Lule River. Free admission to an outdoor adventure bath with heated pools and a water slide. Also free admission to the adventure land Notbyn located next to the pool and camping area. Here you can to book the relaxation area, rent bikes and play miniature golf. Nice camping plots for tents, caravans and campers. Modern service building with showers, laundry and a dog shower. Open all year. Located 3 km from the centre of Jokkmokk.
+46 971 123 70

Skabram Tourism and Farm Dairy
Located in the middle of the magnificent countryside just outside Jokkmokk, Skabram offers cottages, a camp site and the farm dairy. Bike rental and floating sauna rental available, or buy a fishing licence and go fishing in the nearby lake with the same name as the camp site.
+46 971 107 52

Kåbdalis Ski Lifts and Holiday Cottages
Nearly 50 years ago the Gunnarstedt family built the first ski lift in Kåbdalis. What once was considered a crazy idea has developed and become the most visited ski resort in North Bothnia. The proximity to the coast, interesting runs and a good selection of restaurants and accommodation alternatives have made this a favourite of many. Kåbdalis is located around 60 km from Jokkmokk along the E45.
+46 928 501 47

Blåfjell Holiday Village
Holiday village right next to the ski lifts and ski-slopes in Kåbdalis. Truly excellent downhill skiing about one hour’s drive from Luleå, Boden and Piteå and two hours from Skellefteå. The holiday village consists of 32 new apartments located in the middle of the ski-slope area.
+46 70 626 40 59

Kronogård Vildmark
Once upon a time Kronogård was a centre for the forest industry, but these days it provides recreation for body and soul. Kronogård offers intensive courses for hunting licences, conference facilities and other activities according to your requirements. Several accommodation and dining options. To get to Kronogård, take the E45 from Jokkmokk and drive south for about 60 km.
Kronogårdsvägen 1, Kåbdalis
+46 928 500 80

Langas Camp Björkudden
Björkudden is a mountain village located in an area with no roads by Lake Langas, 80 km west of Porjus village. Here you can go fishing, hunting, skiing and snowmobiling, take a scenic flight and be guided around the mountains, in summer as well as winter – we’re open all year round. This is our home and we are happy to share old traditions as well as our everyday lives. Langas Camp Björkudden is located beyond ‘the Road West’, that is, the road to Ritsem.
+46 973 410 16

ÅrreNjarka Mountain Village
Here you can live and eat well. Just enjoy life. This is a place to stay, somewhere to feel at peace. Or a place for activities and adventure. You choose. We want Årrenjarka to be your home, too. If you like the idea of a mountain or lake view from your window, Årrenjarka is the right place for a visit. Or perhaps where you start or finish a hike in the Kvikkjokk mountains, or an ideal conference location. We’re proud of our clean cabins, all decorated in a Nordic style using solid materials. Årrenjarka is located around 100 km northwest of Jokkmokk.
Årrenjarka 214
+46 971 230 18


STF Saltoluokta Fjällstation
To some it’s like coming home, to others it’s new and exciting. STF Saltoluokta Mountain Station is located where there are no roads, by the Laponia World Heritage, and it’s easily accessible right on the King’s Trail. The mountain lodge consists of a main building and four guest houses with a total of nearly 100 beds. The timbered main building has retained its old charm with open fireplaces, kerosene lamps and candles in the restaurant.
+46 973 410 10

Kvikkjokk Fjällstation
Accommodation with hostel standard: stay in a private room or share a room with others. A restaurant at the mountain station provides guests with tasty food. You can also have a warm or cold drink in the comfortable lobby after a day of hiking or skiing.
Storvägen 19, Kvikkjokk
+46 971 210 22

Stákkonjárgga Mountain Cabins
We offer self-catering accommodation in an alpine environment with good fishing, small-game hunting and skiing, and we also provide recreational opportunities in amazing surroundings: berry picking, hiking and skiing in pristine mountain forest (Ultevis mountain forest). Our cabins are located along ‘the Road West’ towards Ritsem. You reach the cabins either by boat or snowmobile. If you come here to hike, pick berries or enjoy other activities not involving boats or snowmobiles we’ll arrange your transport across the lake.
+46 73 074 05 14, +46 70 527 68 38

Kutjaure Västända
Ideal accommodation for hikers along the Padjelanta Trail in cabins run by the Utsi family.
+46 73 808 54 85

Kabla Hunting and Fishing
Basic accommodation close to nature on the Kabla Mountain near Kvikkjokk, south of Lake Tjakjajaure. Self-catering, no running water, outdoor toilet, firewood available as well as gas stove and gas lamps. You hike, ski or snowmobile here, or take a helicopter in summer. Suitable starting points are Seitevare, Tjåmotis, Njavve, Årrenjarka or Kvikkjokk.

Tjåki Sámi Camp
Accommodation in a traditional Sámi tent with no running water. A good option for hikers on the King’s Trail. Full board and day trips with guide and boat can be arranged. Located by Lake Sitojaure, on Sarek’s eastern boarder, accessible by hiking or skiing. Take the E45 north for around 6 km, then turn left onto road 805. Take a right at Tjåmotis and drive to the Sito River Bridge, then hike for 23 km. can also reach it via the King’s Trail between Aktse and Saltoluokta.

Pietsjaure SijddaYou 
In Pietsaure you can rent accommodation in summer as well as in winter. You can choose to stay in cabins or go traditional in peat dwellings or Sámi tents. We have several different kinds and sizes of cabins depending on the number of people and what type of accommodation you are looking for. All cabins are equipped for self-catering during the winter months.
+46 971 102 89, +46 70 666 33 30

STF Mountain Cabins – Padjelanta Trail and King’s Trail

STF Mountain Cabins are located at scenic spots 10 to 20 km from well-marked summer and winter trails. In a mountain cabin you live a simple but cosy life. You’re greeted by the cabin’s warmth and share space and experiences with other guests.
For more information visit: https://www.svenskaturistforeningen.se

Mountain Cabins Badjelánnda Laponia Tourism – the Padjelanta Trail
We hope you’ll enjoy the hike you’ve planned in our ancient but still vibrant cultural landscape. The holiday camps in Badjelánnda/Padjelanta National Park are run by members of the Sámi villages Tuorpon, Jåhkågasska and Sirges.
For more information and reservations visit: http://padjelanta.com/


Martina’s Cabins
Rental of basic cabins in Suobbat, around 65 km from Jokkmokk. The cabins have electricity, fridge and cooking facilities. Bed linen and towels are included in the price. Each cabin has its own outdoor toilet. Water is fetched from the well. Shower and sauna outdoors. Pets allowed. Take Route 97 to Vuollerim, but instead of turning left to Vuollerim, take a right off the 97 and continue to Suobbat.
Suobbat 1, Vuollerim
+46 976 350 00, +46 70 259 29 90

Jokkmokks Jakt- och Fiskevårdsförening
Basic accommodation in different locations around the region for guests who want to be close to nature, hunting and fishing. Boat available for rent. The office is located in the Skabram industrial estate, 3 km west of Jokkmokk. 4-bed cabins with gas stove, outdoor toilet and no running water. The cabins on Laxholmen are located 56 km from Jokkmokk along Route 747 to Karats. Drive to the Jokkmokk Jakt & Fiske parking this side of Vuojat, then take a boat, snowmobile or skis along the lake.
Skabram Industrial Estate, Jokkmokk
+46 971 122 00

Polcirkeln Shop and Café
Parking for campers and caravans, campsite. Café with souvenirs and snacks for sale. You can also rent a wood-fired sauna. The campsite has drinking water, toilets and a place to empty septic tanks. Near the popular fishing lake Östkierats. Located 7 km south of Jokkmokk along the E45 towards Älvsbyn/Arvidsjaur.
Polcirkeln, Jokkmokk
+46 971 106 06

Vildmarksbyn Solberget
Experience life on Solberget far from civilisation without running water and electricity and just enjoy the peace and quiet. Perhaps book an activity with the tame reindeers or huskies that live with you here or maybe one of their spa treatments.
Solberget 1, Nattavara
+46 70-293 58 87