Midnight sun

Come and hike in the land of the midnight sun!

For those who wish to learn more about the basics of hiking, navigation and recreation, Natulife will arrange special courses. The photo shows the midnight sun above Saskam, by Saskam village.

Photo: Natulife

Jokkmokk is located north of the Arctic Circle, which means we have 24-hour light during summer. From the 4th of June to the 5th of July the sun never even sets. During this long month the sun is called midnight sun at night.

“As a nature photographer I love being sat somewhere in the wilderness, letting myself be amazed by the midnight sun.
The calm, the light and the atmosphere is a balm for the soul.
After a long, cold and dark winter here in Jokkmokk, nature sends its declaration of love to us through the magic of the midnight sun.”

Gunilla Falk, nature photographer in Jokkmokk

Below some of the photographers who capture the light of the midnight sun in the Jokkmokk area:

Tor Lundberg Tuorda 
Nature photographer, Randijaur

Gunilla Falk
Nature photographer, Jokkmokk

Maria Klang
Nature and culture photographer, Jokkm