Reindeer in Årrenjarka. The mountain Sámi move their reindeer from the coast or the forest land to the high mountains during the snow-free period. In spring and autumn they pass the beautiful mountain village Årrenjarka, located at the foot of the mountains. To book a stay in Årrenjarka, read more here.

In Jokkmokk there are three mountain Sámi villages: Sirges, Jåhkågasska and Tuorpon. And two forest Sámi villages: Slakka and Udtja. When spring comes, reindeer herders in the mountain villages move their reindeer to the mountains for summer pasture. In July they brand reindeer calves born during the month of May.

Reindeer herders in the mountain villages also relocate themselves to the mountains during the summer season, to be near their animals. The forest Sámi villages keep their reindeer in the forest all year round and that’s also where they round them up for calf branding.

Most reindeers are moved up to the mountains during the summer which makes it a bit more difficult to see the reindeers on the roads in summertime. It’s either some slaggers who were left behind or some of the forest Sámi villages reindeers. But you can still see them around the roads trying to escape insects bothering them when they graze. The open areas makes the mosquitos go away with the wind as well for the nice breeze there.

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