In the centre of Jokkmokk you find shops that aren’t available anywhere else. At the small, cosy square Piraks Torg several shops offer local food and fine crafts. This shop, Stoorstålka, sells and designs its own clothes and home-furnishing products to Sámi people and other cool souls worldwide. Check out their web store here.

Jokkmokk offers shopping where high-quality crafts, culture and design are important elements.

Below some of the shops we’re proud to offer in Jokkmokk main town.


Jokkmokks Tenn 

Ájtte shop

Sámi Duodji

Systrarna Viltok Galleri och Butik 

There’s also the beauty company and shop Care of Gerd, manufacturing and selling organic skin and hair products made from local berry extracts:

Care of Gerd