It’s difficult to put into words what it’s like to visit Arctic Circle Gateway 97, the Stone Age village and museum located in Vuollerim, but without doubt it’s a memorable experience for all senses. To visit the more than 6,000-year-old Stone Age artefacts and see reconstructions of dwellings and tools from the era, read more and book a visit here.


Arctic Circle Gateway 97

Stone Age village and museum. Visit the more than 6,000-year-old Stone Age remains and reconstructions of dwellings and utility items from the era. Learn more about the Stone Age and experience what life might have been like for the people who lived back then.


Swedish Mountain and Sámi Museum. Learn all about Sámi culture, settlers and our beautiful, valuable nature and all it has to offer.

Sámi Duodji

Shop and guide to Sámi handicrafts, language and culture.

Essence of Lapland

Offers taste performances in the Mountain Garden as well as guided cultural and flavoursome tours every week during summer.

Gamla Apoteket (the Old Pharmacy)

Guided tours in Jokkmokk centre

For reservations, call or email:

+46 971 120 31

Laponia: the 9,200 km2 area that consists of 4 national parks, 2 nature reserves and 9 Sámi  villages. This is where the Sámi villages heard their reindeer just like they’ve done for hundreds of years.

World Heritage Laponia has three entrances in Jokkmokk municipality where you can learn more about the area and its nature as well as the Sámi villages and their work. The newly-constructed entrance Naturum (located in Gällivare municipality) in Stora Sjöfallet is also worth a visit.

Entrance to Laponia in Jokkmokk

Entrance to Laponia in Porjus

Entrance to Laponia in Kvikkjokk

Entrance to Laponia in Stora Sjöfallet


Jokkmokk municipality features several churches, church huts and chapels. Some in the various village centres, some located high up in the mountains. Visit the Jokkmokk Parish home page for more information about the churches and different events planned, such as mountain church festivals and concerts.

Jokkmokk Arctic Dream

A company that will help you tailor your activities all year around within Destination Jokkmokk.