Fish caught near the Årrenjarka mountain village. To book a stay in Årrenjarka, read more here.

The fishing season continues through the winter months, when you can try ice-fishing.

Choose from the links below for more information about prices, areas and rules for each fishing licence. All licences can be purchased at the Tourist Information in Jokkmokk.

Governmental fishing licences

Fishing above the cultivation limit

Jokkmokks Jakt & Fiske

River Pärlälven, Messaure and other lakes near Jokkmokk

Common land fishing licence

Lakes Sotaure and Sjuggijaur
Stainas lakes, River Nautijaur (parts of) and Lake Kallokjaure

River Råne

River Råne and its tributaries

For more information about fishing in Jokkmokk municipality please refer to the County Council’s web site:

Länsstyrelsen Norrbotten

Jokkmokk Arctic Dream

A company that will help you tailor your activities all year around within Destination Jokkmokk.