“I was delighted to be part of Jokkmokk as a Culinary Capital the other year! I participated as a food creator together with our skilled food artisans and producers, taking care of all that is available in the Jokkmokk region. I inform about edible plants and berries and offer exciting taste experiences, through a taste performance or a guided tour around my home in Lappstan. Welcome to share the taste of Jokkmokk! “

Eva Gunnare, Essense of Lapland

Get to know the mountain plants through taste, scents, stories and songs in Eva Gunnare’s highly-recommended taste event. Book one of the highlights of winter here.

Food culture is strong in Jokkmokk. There are 14 restaurants just in the main town.

Jokkmokk was awarded the title Culinary Capital 2014 and arranged the indigenous conference Indigenous Terra Madre in 2011.

Many in Jokkmokk put the Sámi cuisine at the heart of their cooking. If you are curious about Sámi culinary tradition, read more on the home page for Slow Food Sápmi.

The following companies are all located in Jokkmokk main town. If you book a food experience with them as hosts, you get to listen to a narrative that enhances the experience of the food you are served.

Essense of Lapland

Viddernas Café 

Restaurant Ájtte 

Jokkmokk Arctic Dream

A company that will help you tailor your activities all year around within Destination Jokkmokk.