In Jokkmokk there are three mountain Sámi villages: Sirges, Jåhkågasska and Tuorpon. And two forest Sámi villages: Slakka and Udtja.

In winter reindeer herders relocate with their reindeer from the mountains down to the forest for winter pasture. On the roads you come across black bin bags fastened to road signs; they warn for reindeer on the roads.

If you meet a car flashing their full beam it’s a warning that there are reindeer or other animals coming up on the road.

Read more about reindeer and the Sámi villages here:

Länsstyrelsen Norrbotten (County Administrative Board of North Bothnia)
Information about Sámi villages

The Sámi Parliament
Information about Sámi villages
Map of Swedish Sámi villages


Nils-Matto Aira
Meet reindeer herder Nils-Matto and his reindeer, and listen to his stories about Sámi culture.
For reservations, call:
+46 70 569 44 30

Vildmarksbyn Solberget

Silba Siida
Experience real Sami hospitality. Have an amazing experience and get close to our reindeers while you hand-feed them. Tours that include storytelling, traditional singing, joik, and coffee with snacks or home cooked meals.
For booking and information: +46(0)70-6656167

Jokkmokk Arctic Dream

A company that will help you tailor your activities all year around within Destination Jokkmokk.