In the Jokkmokk region there are several ski resorts for downhill skiing. The biggest is Kåbdalis Ski Lifts. Snow comes early and stays for a long time, attracting elite downhill skiers from Sweden and Europe.

Apart from Kåbdalis Ski Lifts there are also family resorts in Porjus and Vuollerim.


When the spring-winter season begins, people start looking forward to spending time in the mountains and enjoy nature on skis.

Outdoor Lapland

Skiing expeditions into the World Heritage Laponia and Sarek National Park, and equipment rental.


There’s a lot of snow in the Jokkmokk municipal area, which is probably why so many are interested in cross-country skiing.

In Jokkmokk there are two areas providing prepared cross-country tracks.

The Talvatis Area

The Getberg Area

On the 10th of April 2016 the world’s longest and toughest cross-country skiing race was held in Jokkmokk:

The Nordenskiöld Race

The Red Bull Nordenskiöld race will start for the second time the 15th April 2017. Sign up at

Jokkmokk Arctic Dream

A company that will help you tailor your activities all year around within Destination Jokkmokk.