Jokkmokk is an experience for you if you are interested in nature and culture. The Sámi culture is blooming in Jokkmokk, both the traditions and the modern ways. Jokkmokk is nominated to one of the 10 best cultural places to visit in Sweden and the hiking trail Kings trail is nominated to one of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world.

What you need to think about when traveling here is that it takes a bit of planning and Jokkmokk municipality has great distances between towns, but it’s all worth it! Below you will find information on how you travel to Jokkmokk.

Local travel agents

SN Resor AB, Jokkmokk

+46 971 582 22

Travel agency with personalised service and full IATA rights. Book your trip to and from Jokkmokk (flights, train, hotel, car rental, etc.)

By car

By car you reach Jokkmokk either driving along the Inland Road E45, or from the coast: turn off either at Piteå for Route 347 changing to E45, or at Luleå onto Route 97.
The north entrance is via the Inland Road/E45.

There are plenty of sights along the way to Jokkmokk and making a stop is a good idea, stretch your legs and see something new. If you travel via Piteå good places to stop are Älvsbyn, Storforsen or Kåbdalis. If you travel along Route 97 you pass the World Heritage Site in Gammelstad, Harads with the famous Tree Hotel, and Vuollerim. For those driving in from the north we recommend a stop at Porjus to learn more about hydropower and the navvy society.

By air

Luleå Airport is served by the airlines Norwegian and SAS. The airport is located 180 km southeast of Jokkmokk. From the airport you can take the airport bus or airport taxi to Luleå bus station. There is also an airport car service twice daily between Jokkmokk and Luleå Airport. Please note that the airport car runs on demand, so you have to book it before 5 pm the day prior to departure. Click here for more information on booking and timetable.

Gällivare Airport is located 100 km north of Jokkmokk and is served by the airline NextJet. Book an airport taxi from the airport to Gällivare Travel Centre.

Arvidsjaur Airport is located 155 km south of Jokkmokk and is served by NextJet. Airport taxi or airport bus to Arvidsjaur centre.

Kiruna Airport is located around 220 km north of Jokkmokk and served by SAS. Bus or airport taxi to Kiruna centre.

By Bus

Buses run from all the above cities to Jokkmokk.

Check times carefully with Länstrafiken i Norrbotten (regional traffic in North Bothnia) to make sure the bus schedule fits with your flight times. Remember it can take a while to get to the centre from the airports, so keep a good margin between flight arrival and bus departure.

Several car rental companies also have offices at the airports.

By Train

The nearest railway station on the Main Line is Murjek. From Murjek it takes about an hour by bus to Jokkmokk. Consult time tables at

During summer the Inland Line serves Jokkmokk.